With the popularity of the usc creative writing summer program, our favorite automaker here at your Fort Myers, FL Subaru dealership seems to show no signs of slowing down. With a new Subaru Outback in the works, it might seem that other popular models are on the backburner. However, that’s not the case. The 2020 Subaru Legacy is set for a significant redesign.

The upcoming Subaru Legacy looks to fall in line with the automaker’s push toward sleeker, more luxurious tastes. The new model features an attractive fastback design profile, that, combined with all-wheel drive will undoubtedly give the vehicle a bit of an edge over the competition.

The front end features revised LED headlights and a wide grille. The side of the car features elegant curves and flowing lines, giving it a sporty yet high-end feel. Furthermore, turbocharged variants of the 2020 Subaru Legacy feature attractive dual exhausts in the rear.

The 2020 Subaru Legacy moves to the new Subaru Global Platform which already includes the Subaru Impreza, Subaru Forester, and the Subaru Ascent. Not only does the global modular architecture improve the driving experience, but it also allows future cars to adopt electrification easily.

Engine options likely include a 2.5-liter direct-injection engine with start-stop features and a 2.4-liter turbo four-cylinder engine that puts out 260 horsepower.

As usual, we expect the new Subaru Legacy to offer plenty of tech and safety features which include Wi-Fi, Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto®, and the Subaru EyeSight® safety suite.

We’ll continue to provide more information on the 2020 Subaru Legacy as we learn more. In the meantime, visit our Fort Myers, FL Subaru dealership to shop new Subaru models and check out our ks2 creative writing activities to save on your next service appointment.