Today, new Subaru models are known for being some of the most reliable and safest vehicles out on the road. Year after year, Subaru vehicles win the Top Safety Pick Pick+ award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. But you don’t get to be one of the most reliable brands without a little hard work and a lot of ingenuity. 

Here at O’Brien Subaru of Fort Myers, we believe that a long line of successful vehicles and innovation has been the key to success, and it all started back in the 1950’s. The original model was known as the P-1, or the Subaru 1500. It featured excellent comfort and stability utilizing a front-wheel wishbone-type independent suspension complete with coil spring and double-action oil damper combination. The back featured a rear-wheel rigid axle suspension with a three-leaf spring and a double-action oil damper combination. This setup would be the beginning of the automaker’s life-long dedication to comfort and overall safety. 

After years of innovation from Subaru automakers with all types of vehicles like the minicar and what would become the hatchback we know today, the brand released the Subaru Legacy in 1989. It was the first foray into the company’s 2.0-liter engines. The car was designed for the modern era at the time and that meant that the automaker needed something fresh. They would eventually settle on a horizontally-opposed engine with all-wheel drive, two features that make Subaru models still stand out today. 

By 1992 the Subaru Impreza was launched and by 1993, the Subaru Legacy would set the world speed record for station wagons. Over the next couple decades, the company would refine and revise their models into what we know today. To experience modern innovation built on legacy, head on down to our Subaru dealership near Naples, FL today.