Car insurance is one of those things we all feel the same about – we hate it, until the one time we actually need it.  But, by keeping in mind some simple tips, you can make your love hate relationship with your car insurance have a little more love and a little less hate.

For starters, if you have the luxury of reading this blog before you actually purchase a vehicle, you may want to consider pricing car insurance for a couple different car models that you’re interested in.  It can be more expensive to insure different models in Ft. Myers.  Subaru Forester vehicles, for example, may be less to ensure than many other vehicles in its class because of the Foresters’ great safety features.  Checking rates between the vehicles you are interested in may help you narrow down the field, not to mention save you money in the long run.

If you are really a newbie in life (say a recent college graduate) and you have not settled in an area yet, you may even consider insurance rates when picking a place of residency.  It can be more expensive to insure a vehicle in a bigger city, like Ft. Myers.  Subaru Forester vehicles that are mainly driven in more rural areas are more likely to avoid accidents and break-ins, insurance companies argue.

Likely, however, you already have a vehicle and you already have chosen a place of residency.  Have no fear, however.  There are still ways to reduce your car insurance dues.

If your vehicle is reaching the end of its life, it may be more economical to remove your comprehensive and collision insurance converage.  The Insurance Information Institute suggests that a car worth less than ten times a policy’s premium is not worth the money to insure with comprehensive coverage.  (And if your vehicle is this old, I recommend visiting your local Ft. Myers Subaru Forester dealer and Ft. Myers Outback dealer, O’Brien Fort Myers Subaru and taking a vehicle for a test drive.)

Finally, if you decide to purchase a vehicle from the Ft. Myers Outback dealer, make sure to inform your insurance agent of all the features on your new vehicle.  Features that help prevent break-ins and accidents, like anti-lock brakes, often qualify you for discounts.