Every major corporation knows the key to long-term success comes in the form of hooking young consumers on your product.  Beverage companies spend millions of dollars in advertising and their advertisements often feature young, hip models and the hottest trends in an effort to get young consumers to think a product is cool long into middle age.  Retail stores like Target do the same. 

Well, earning repeat and brand loyal customers works in the same fashion for auto-manufacturers too – get a young driver’s first vehicle to be your brand and your chances of hooking them for life go up dramatically.

Therefore, queen victoria primary school homework help along with Subaru Corporate are thrilled by the results of an automobile brand loyalty study recently completed and released by an auto pricing website, TrueCar.com.  For two years, 2009 and 2010, employees of the website tracked the brand and model of vehicles purchased by consumers who fall in the Generation Y category.  That is to say, automobile consumers aged 18 to 27.

7.3% of Generation Y automobile buyers purchased a Subaru vehicle, which made Subaru the 10th most purchased brand by Gen Y buyers during the two year time period.  As mentioned above, earning young business like this can mean huge payoffs in the long run for Subaru.  The most popular Subaru model purchased by Gen Y buyers was the Subaru Impreza sedan.  Starting at just $17,495, the vehicle is affordable, chic looking and offers a variety of entertainment features.  The Impreza was the eighth most purchased model by Gen Y buyers in the last two years.

The buying trends of Gen Y consumers seemed to focus on two main categories: price and technology features.  Seven of the top ten models purchased had an MSRP of less than $20,000 and the remaining three cap out below $26,000.  Additionally, all have some combination of technology features such as AUX plug-ins, XM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, Navigation and more.

Local Naples car dealer, O’Brien Subaru, a leading Naples Subaru dealer, has several Impreza models on the lot for Gen Y buyers (and older consumers) to test drive.  What’s more, the Impreza model is not the only affordable vehicle featuring built in technology that Subaru offers.  Rather, there are several other Subaru models that would also be perfect for a Gen Y driver.  Stop by the grade 6 creative writing prompts today to see for yourself!