At the Third Annual Veterinary Forensics Conference in Orlando, the ASPCA (formerly the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), announced that Subaru was donating a custom built crime scene investigation (CSI) 2010 Outback to their Veterinary Forensics team in Gainesville, Florida, that will serve as “a state-of-the-art laboratory on wheels.”  Among its many uses, some of the Subaru vehicle’s responsibilities will include: transporting animal victims, storing evidence from crime scene investigations, and providing access to remote areas that have in the past typically been impossible to reach; but thanks to the Outback’s all-wheel drive and expert handling of difficult terrain that will no longer be a concern.

You’ll be forgiven if the first things that came to mind when you read ‘CSI’ a minute ago are Las Vegas, New York, Jerry Bruckheimer, or maybe even CBS.  That would be a standard response for most folks, including Ft. Myers Legacy and Outback drivers, or even any Naples car dealer who may or may not work for Subaru.  But do know that the folks at ASPCA should not be mixed up with the fantasy world on television and are, in fact, doing good and important work.  Dr. Melinda Merck, who is the Senior Director of Veterinary Forensics for ASPCA in Gainesville, was a major part of testing the evidence from Bad Newz Kennels and in getting a guilty plea from Michael Vick in that landmark case.

Subaru noticed.  The custom built Outback vehicle is equipped with many ‘CSI’ features you might’ve seen in the show, and perhaps after reading this Ft. Myers Legacy and Outback drivers are going to see their own vehicles as just a tad bit pedestrian.  To the CSI unit for APSCA, Subaru added an amber light bar, evidence refrigerator, exam table, computer station, and very due considerations were made in designing the seating, which are “animal product free,” which means not leather.

So, not exactly the roomy functionality of your standard Outback used for hauling the kids to soccer practice or packing up the car to go on vacation.  But that is the thing about the Subaru Outback as any Naples car dealer can tell you, it’s a versatile crossover and whether it’s transporting crocodile DNA or the kids to Disney World, or something somewhere in between, it’s a vehicle you can count on.