The results are in, and they’re better than we ever expected. After calculating total vehicle sales for the Subaru brand last month, it turns out that we’ve broken our September sales record. We know it comes down to more than just our inventory at cover letter writing service uk – it’s really about our passionate customers – so we think it’s time to say thanks.

That’s a big thanks for all of your business, last month and every day that you support our work and our mission to provide quality vehicles and service to drivers who love their cars as much as we do. We couldn’t have record-setting sales without unmatchable clients and one-of-a-kind first-time shoppers.

But September isn’t the end of the story, or the beginning. In fact, it’s the 10th consecutive month that the automaker has been able to exceed its month-over-month sales record. Subaru sold 27,683 vehicles last month, marking a 32-percent increase over September 2011, and 245,463 vehicles year-to-date, marking a 26-percent increase over January through September of 2011.

The exceptional sales charge was led by a driver favorite, the Impreza, which has seen a 211-percent rise in sales since last year as well as a 155-percent jump in year-to-date sales. Also helping Subaru reach this outstanding mark were the revamped Outback and Legacy models, which saw sales increases of 39- and 31-percent, respectively.

While we’re saying thanks for the business you’ve given us now, we don’t see a slowdown in the future for Subaru. In 2013, Naples drivers will continue to earn our support and thanks for their loyalty and enthusiasm. And you’re welcome to celebrate growing sales right along with us.