Lee County Subaru drivers take note: the all-wheel drive Legacy has a significantly raised profile in Ft. Myers. Legacy drivers have previously had issues with minimal back seat room and low fuel economy. With the newest Legacy, Subaru has addressed these issues and delivered a final product that offers significantly more room in the back seat, along with 31 miles per gallon (highway). The new Legacy is bigger and better in size, appearance, and interior space. Compared to the 2009 Legacy, the 2010 model is noticeably larger: 1.4 inches longer, and four inches wider.

The new backseat is definitely large enough to fit full sized adults. If you are a basketball player, or are at least striving to be the next Lebron James, you can still find comfort if you’re over 6 feet tall and forced to sit in the back. There is plenty of head and leg room, which should definitely be a welcome addition to any family with growing teenagers. In Ft. Myers, Legacy pricing begins around $20,000 for the 170 horsepower base model, with fancier versions including leather trimmed interior, upgraded sound system, and alloy wheels, among other things, going for about $5,000 additional. The Legacy 2.5 GT, featuring 265 horsepower, will run around $28,500.

Ft. Myers used Forester dealers have always been able to point to Subaru’s all-wheel drive capabilities (especially within the Forester) as a strong feature that adds a lot of value to a vehicle. Along with its all-wheel drive benefits, the Legacy is certainly exciting to drive. Subaru has long had the recognition of having “fun to drive” vehicles in Ft. Myers. Used Forester buyers have always been excited to get a vehicle that rides smooth and can zip through tight spots. The Legacy expands upon the Forester’s lead and delivers another fun driving experience.

Subaru likes to say that drivers of the Legacy don’t actually drive, they “feel.” And it’s true! The Legacy is really a driver’s car. Sure, the passengers will love it too, but for the driver, it is a unique experience. It’s hard to explain why, but one thing is for sure: a test drive can really shed some light on what all the hype is about.