Interested in buying a new Subaru vehicle? Why not consider buying a certified pre-owned Subaru vehicle from O’Brien Subaru of Fort Myers?

Many drivers are unaware of just how many benefits there are to buying a certified pre-owned vehicle as opposed to a new model. Our expert auto team has compiled a few reasons why you should consider buying a certified pre-owned Subaru from our Florida Subaru dealership.  

Overall Value  

One of the top reasons to buy a certified pre-owned Subaru is the value you’ll receive. Typically, these vehicles are more affordable than brand new models, and they retain their value for much longer than a new vehicle. That means you can get the same great quality, technology, and safety features as a new vehicle for a much lower cost. 

Quality Guaranteed  

Every certified pre-owned Subaru for sale at our Florida Subaru dealership has gone through a rigorous inspection before ending up on our lot. Any issues or damages are repaired and reconditioned so that it’s back to factory quality.

Not to mention, certified pre-owned vehicles always come with a large and extensive Subaru warranty. That means in the event of any issues or accidents involving your vehicle, you and your Subaru vehicle will be covered.  

Endless Variety 

Instead of being limited to the current year’s model releases, you can choose from a variety of model years in our certified pre-owned inventory. Whether you want a Subaru sedan from last year or a slightly older Subaru SUV, there is a wide inventory to choose from at our dealership. 

Still have questions? Talk to our team at our Subaru dealership near Cape Coral, FL to learn more about our pre-owned vehicles. Whether you decide to buy new or pre-owned, we can’t wait to get you behind the wheel of a Subaru!