For some drivers, buying a used or certified pre-owned vehicle might be better than buying new. Previously-owned vehicles are generally less expensive, but there are plenty of other reasons why buying a used vehicle from O’Brien Subaru of Fort Myers helps you in the long-run. Here’s why you should consider checking out our used inventory at our Fort Myers, FL Subaru dealership.

Often, drivers overlook the many benefits to buying a used vehicle. Everybody knows that used models are more affordable, but they offer so much more as well. Used vehicles also depreciate at a much slower rate than new models, which start losing their value once you leave the dealership. On the flip side, used vehicles retain their value much longer, so you can make more money if you ever decide to sell. Lower price points also allow you to consider models that were previously out of your price range. You’re also no longer restricted to a certain model year, like a new vehicle. Instead, you can look at recent models from a variety of years. 

A great advantage to buying a certified pre-owned vehicle is its quality. Unlike a used vehicle, which hasn’t been thoroughly inspected, we carefully and extensively inspect the vehicles in our certified pre-owned inventory. Once a certified pre-owned vehicle is deemed acceptable, we thoroughly clean and refurbish it, so you never have to worry how long it will last.

Stop by today to see our used Subaru vehicles for sale near Estero, FL. There’s a used or certified pre-owned vehicle out there for every driver, so whether you’re looking for a used sedan or brand new SUV, the best place to visit is O’Brien Subaru of Fort Myers.