Here at business plan help perth, we’ve made April our car care month. All month long we’ve paid particular attention to our beloved Subaru models and ensured that each one, whether new or pre-owned is ready for its next owner.

Whether you’re planning on buying a new model like the 2019 Subaru Outback or you’re enjoying your current trusty model, car care is essential. Subaru models give us so much from adventuring enjoyment to a plethora of exceptional safety features through the Subaru EyeSight® Safety Suite. That’s why it’s vital that we give back. As your Fort Myers and Naples, FL Subaru dealership, we want to highlight a few areas that require regular care.

We’ll start with your engine oil. Everyone knows that engine oil is essential when it comes to your vehicle, but not everyone knows why. Your engine oil plays a pivotal role in both lubricating and cooling your engine. If your oil level is low or your lubricant is dirty, it can actually damage your engine causing costly repairs. We recommend that you consult your owner’s manual to see how often you should replace your oil. As a general rule, you should change your oil at least twice a year.

Next up are your tires. Even though most Subaru models offer all-wheel drive, rotating your tires is an excellent idea as it ensures that all four get equal wear. You’ll also want to keep a frequent eye on your tire pressure as the temperatures begin to rise.

Lastly, check your brake fluid. Your brake fluid is an integral component and should be monitored regularly. Over time your brake fluid gathers water which decreases your brakes’ effectiveness. It’s essential that you have the proper fluid levels at all times.

To get help with any area of your beloved Subaru during car care month, be sure to visit our Fort Myers Subaru dealership. We provide exceptional Subaru service as well as service coupons. Contact us today to schedule service.