For help critique research paper drivers, owning a Subaru is about more than just the logo on the car you step into every day. It’s about connecting with a brand that understands that every journey is an adventure, and now is your chance to be in the front seat of the Subaru story.

That’s because the Summer 2013 issue of Drive magazine is now available, and every story included shares the excitement and adventure of driving a Subaru. Check out this issue’s stories (listed below) and join us for the!

  • “Driven: 2014 Subaru Forester” takes readers through the experience of driving a new Forester 2.5i with actual owners.
  • “Modes of Operation: The Aha Moment” introduces the Subaru infotainment system, which brings drivers all of their preferred media in one location.
  • Learn more about sustainability efforts in “Cleaning Up: Subaru Partners and Renewal – United By Blue.”
  • And learn more about how United By Blue got its start by meeting founder Brian Linton in “Subaru Life: Partner Profile.”
  • “Create Your Own Life List” invites readers to build personal goals as well as steps to bring them to fruition.
  • Better yet, make it happen in a Subaru by reading “Vehicle Spotlight: Pursue Your Life List in a 2014 Subaru.”
  • Help celebrate the occasion in “Happy 100thBirthday, Lincoln Highway.”
  • Laugh and commiserate with humorist Geoff Kirsch in “Are We There Yet – Traveling with Children.”
  • “Touring: 8,500-Mile Road Trip” invites readers buckle in for a Canadian road trip.
  • Make a new friend in “Subaru Life: Spotlight – Chris Kaag.”
  • See Subaru at work beyond the dealership in “Subaru Life: In the Community – Subaru Choice Food Pantry.”
  • “Subaru Life: Letters from Readers” shares thoughts from readers like you!

At O’Brien Ft. Myers Subaru, we enjoy the opportunity to thumb our way deeper into the Subaru story whether we’re learning about new models or hearing life stories from drivers like you. We hope you take a moment to read through the summer issue and connect with the brand and your fellow drivers like never before.