Whether you’re the proud owner of a creative writing jobs columbus ohio or a Legacy in Bonita Springs, if you drive a Subaru, we know you have plenty of reasons to love it. But are you ready for one more?

At starting a creative writing blog, we sure are! Subaru has joined forces with The Weather Company to provide drivers with the all-new Driving Difficulty Index, which adds a map layer to display weather.com interactive maps that are designed to improve your defensive driving skills. That’s because this interface indicates potentially dangerous weather conditions lying in the driver’s path. With this kind of in-vehicle information on hand, drivers can proceed with greater preparation or even plot alternate routes for a safer drive.

The Driving Difficulty Index operates off of TWC’s weather data through interactive maps that are available at www.weather.com/ddi. Alerts are based on six basic weather parameters (high winds, low visibility, ponding, wet, snow and ice) while the map layer indicates where these difficult driving conditions exist.

For Subaru, driver safety is always the highest priority, so we are thrilled to be able to present drivers with advanced technology that is designed with your safety in mind. This easy-to-use tool will help drivers by offering simple solutions to poor weather conditions with limited distractions.

With this technology in your car, you don’t have to fear that long road trip or even your daily drive to work during a rainy period. We hope that this partnership with TWC and its resulting tool will strengthen your commitment to safe and smart driving.

So, what’s your next driving forecast? With the Driving Difficulty Index, it’s always bright and sunny!