A recent survey entitled “Gaining Speed: Gen Y in the Driver’s Seat” asked Generation Y members questions about their feelings and involvement with the automotive industry.  The survey has been conducted for three years now and the resulting statistics are helping auto-manufacturers better serve their client base in the future.  Most notably, the survey makes the auto industry acutely aware of the overwhelming majority of the automotive market that Generation Y accounts for or influences.

With Gen Y having so much power over the automobile industry, each year the survey helps automobile companies understand their cliental better.  This year’s survey found that Generation Y is reasonably satisfied with where the automotive industry currently is at and where the industry seems to be heading in the future.

However, Gen Y respondents also revealed that auto companies could easily lose this overall satisfaction of Gen Y.  The survey found that 52.4 percent of Gen Y strongly agreed with the statement, “A bad experience with a salesperson would cause me never to consider that brand of car again.”  Generation Y has high expectations of the auto industry and will not tolerate anything less than the highest quality service and product.

What’s more, Gen Y is such an important market for automobile companies to keep happy because not only do they make up a bulk of future car sales, but the survey also revealed that 61 percent of them are heavily involved with the automobile buying decisions of their parent’s.  Thus, a car brand that lost the respect of a member of Gen Y may in turn lose the business of that Gen Y member’s parents too, even if the parents had nothing to do with the original situation that resulted in the lost Gen Y business.

The survey also found that keeping driver’s connected to the world of technology while in their vehicle is a key to keeping Generation Y satisfied – this is true of Gen Y members from LA to Fort Myers.  Legacy sedans, made by Subaru, are a great example of a brand trying to equip their vehicles with technology to keep them competitive.  Subaru has made a conscious and public commitment to improving the technological capabilities of their vehicles with the hope of winning customers in essay writing service royalessays sedans now have optional in-dash navigation systems and XM Radio, for example.

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