The Subaru Badges of Ownership program is now available to all Subaru owners as a new and free way to personalize their vehicles.  The new merit badges offer drivers the ability to share their passions and make their vehicles more unique.

Currently a dozen badges are available to Subaru owners.  One of the badges is a Subaru loyalty badge that shows the number of Subaru’s that the driver has owned.  Also, drivers can choose badges designed by Subaru so drivers can highlight the things they love.  There are currently badges relating to winter sports, animals, music and arts.  Also available is a 100,000 mile badge for drivers with Subaru’s that have lasted for the a long time.

“We have always believed that buying a Subaru is a lifestyle choice, not just a car choice, and we are happy to see Subaru reqarding its customers for their sense of adventure and individuality,” said David Vernet, General Manager of Greater Boston Subaru dealer North Reading Subaru.  “We strive to find the Subaru that fits our customers’ lifestyles, whether they’re cruising the roads around Boston or heading into the woods of Maine for skiing and hiking.  The new badges let these drivers tell the world why they chose a particular Subaru.”

Each of the lifestyle badges has a silver icon on a black background while the loyalty badge has a white number against a blue background.  The badges lock together and are then mounted below the Subaru name on many vehicles.

The icons are made up of simple images that are easily recognizable by other drivers.  Subaru owners can order an unlimited amount of badges and Subaru plans to offer an additional amount of badges in the future.  Badges can be ordered for no cost at the Badge of Ownership website.

Fort Myers Legacy and Ft. Myers Outback owners should not hesitate to start personalizing their vehicles.  All the drivers need is a valid Subaru VIN number and they will have total access to the new badges.  Every badge is made to stick to metal surfaces and comes with mounting instructions which are easily followed.