To the would-be carjacker, a Subaru stopped at an intersection is like a 10-point buck in the crosshairs.  The Subaru, like the beast, is a coveted prize to its hunter, and similar to the outdoorsman these urban gamesmen are skilled in the arts of cover and deception.  These statements aren’t meant to scare off prospective Legacy and Forester buyers from local Ft. Myers and help me with my thesis statement, but they are meant to alert homework help resources for parentsand Forester drivers, really all drivers, to the need of exercising caution and vigilance when on the road, especially after dark.  The following are a few tips to prevent this sort of thing from happening.First and foremost, always check your rearview and side mirrors before getting out of your car, and when you do get in your car lock the doors immediately.  Because rather than wait until you have vacated this space to break-in and steal your car, the carjacker actually wants you around. The advent of advanced anti-theft devices makes access to the unoccupied car extremely difficult (savvy thieves would never actually go to a dark Naples car dealer lot if they wanted a car).  But if you are unaware, exiting or entering your car with keys in hand, you’ve already done most of the work for the carjacker.  Since these thieves are often armed and dangerous, the thought of an altercation is of little deterrence.  Also, make sure to park in a lit area when at all possible.  Visibility is the carjacker’s enemy.

But at the same time, in an intersection or at a stop sign is where drivers are at one of their most vulnerable spots, especially when there is another car directly in front of them.  The carjackers will pull up alongside the blocked car and the driver is rendered practically defenseless.  Thus, when coming to a stop at an intersection or stop sign, make sure to leave room for maneuvering out of a sticky situation.  It is unlikely that you will need to make use of this space and perform some Hollywood-like stunt should a carjacker approach (and this mode of action isn’t endorsed here either); rather the carjacker will probably recognize that you are indeed prepared, see this is not the best option, and move on to a more vulnerable vehicle.

So, Ft. Myers Legacy and Forester drivers, please enjoy these vehicles that you have worked hard for the opportunity to own.  But remember these investments can be taken from you in an instant.  With a combination of preparation and knowledge, however, it does not have to happen like that.