Fort Myers Subaru dealer, O’Brien Ft. Myers Subaru, will soon offer vehicles with navigation systems.  Recently, Subaru announced plans to make their models more user friendly.  Specifically, Subaru engineers have focused on adding better speaker systems, iPod connectivity and other creature comforts, in addition to navigation systems, to their vehicles.

Subaru has a reputation for being a great rugged vehicle, in part thanks to its industry leading all-wheel-drive system as a standard feature.  However, the automaker realizes they must offer consumers more than just a well-made and dependable vehicle.  True to form, however, the navigation systems you’ll find at a Ft. Myers Subaru dealership will differ from the normal in-dash systems found in most vehicles.  After all, Subaru does prefer the road less traveled.

Subaru has teamed up with TomTom, a manufacturer of portable navigation devices, and is now selling Subaru Forester vehicles and Impreza vehicles with a TomTom navigation system.  The biggest difference between the Forester and Impreza’s navigation system from that of other vehicle’s navigation system is that they are not in-dash.  Instead, Subaru has decided to make their TomTom systems portable, just like a TomTom system bought at your local Best Buy would be.

Fort Myers Subaru dealer explains the reasoning behind this is it leaves more freedom to the driver.  Navigation systems are constantly being updated and improved.  For vehicles with in-dash navigation systems, these systems are much more expensive, and sometimes impossible, to upgrade.  With Subaru’s portable TomTom, consumers can easily upgrade their system should they choose too.  Furthermore, the system can be transferred from one vehicle to another, Subaru or not.

Our Ft. Myers Subaru dealership also explained that Subaru looked to TomTom for help with their navigation system because they recognized that TomTom was much more capable of keeping up with the ever-changing industry than any automaker would be.   The resulting unit is a 4.3-inch screen with an available mount and power cord.  The TomTom is hooked into the car’s speakers and mutes the stereo system while explaining directions.  Additionally, the system adds Bluetooth and audio input to the Subaru vehicles.

In all, Subaru has been able to better their vehicles in a way that is extremely consumer friendly – staying true to what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.