Move over Outback, there’s a new Subaru in town!  Now normally we do not like to encourage competition between models in the same brand family because that always turns out as well as competition among siblings does.  (A particularly perfect example comes to mind about the time that I watched an older brother tackle a younger brother just before the finish line of a middle school cross country race in order to keep his little brother from beating him.  And no, I did not make this up).  However, enough is enough.  The Subaru Tribeca, the vehicle who consistently parks quietly next to its Outback brother at local area essay help a friend, O’Brien Subaru, deserves some praise for once.

The fact is, if you are visiting the Ft. Myers Outback dealer in order to check the Outback out, you would probably like the Tribeca too.  The Tribeca takes its styling cues from the Subaru Outback (or was it the other way around).  Regardless, the two vehicles both have that rugged and sporty, yet urban chic look.  The only major difference is the fact that the Tribeca is bigger than the Outback.  (And doesn’t everyone know that bigger is better?)

The Tribeca has not two, but three rows of seating with room for up to seven passengers.  What’s more, the back two rows of seating fold down, leaving tons of cargo space capable of hauling a whole slew of goods in all different shapes and sizes.  So in essence, with the Subaru Tribeca, you have the great looks of the Subaru Outback and enough space to haul everything, and everyone, that you want.

The Subaru Tribeca also impresses consumers with its incredibly low price tag and great gas mileage.  But the vehicle has no advantage over the Outback in these categories – we just thought we’d throw in the fact that the Tribeca won’t kill your piggy bank (nor will the Outback, for that matter).

But since we are not here to point out who is better, perhaps your best bet is to visit your local Fort Myers Subaru dealer, O’Brien Subaru, and decide for yourself the best vehicle to fit you and your family’s needs in and around concordia creative writing allegations or Tribeca – in the end it really is a win-win situation for you.

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