Have you seen the commercial where the man and woman seemingly have just gotten back to her place after a blind date, where they are greeted by her dog?  The woman tells the man her dog can do some tricks and proceeds to obnoxiously and continuously state the fact that she loves her bank by saying “we love our bank” while the dog moans, apparently the same statement.  Silly advertising yes but, at http://fieldscdjrblog.com/smart-custom-writing-reviews/ we really do love our bank.

And apparently, our bank loves us too.  Subaru of America and Chase Bank recently agreed to extend their business contract that employs Chase Bank as Subaru of America’s captive auto finance provider for Subaru customers in America.  The new contract covers the next five years.  Furthermore, this is the third time in which the two parties have extended their agreement.

Chase bank has helped 1.1 million Subaru customers across the United States get behind the wheel of a new or used Subaru vehicle.  This includes customers of Fort Myers Subaru Dealer, O’Brien Subaru.  As a Fort Myers Legacy dealer, for example, our partnership with Chase helps us connect customer with car on a daily basis. Being able to do that feels great and we know we have Chase to thank for this.

Therefore, we are grateful for Chase and their staff that continue to help Subaru get people behind the wheels of our great products.  Chase Auto Finance department’s CEO Marc Sheinbaum said of the Chase Subaru partnership, “We are proud to have served Subaru and its retail organization for more than a decade and look forward to continuing our strong relationship over the next five years.  Subaru dealers nationwide will continue to benefit from our products, services and the expertise of our dedicated team.”

Your research paper readydealership of O’Brien Subaru is one of the nationwide dealerships Mr. Sheinbaum is speaking about, so come visit us today and let us, with the help of Chase Bank, get you behind the wheel of your favorite Subaru vehicle today.  Just be sure to tell your friends and family how much you love our bank when showing off your new ride.