Do you have a new driver or a child going off to college in need of a vehicle?  Are you struggling to decide which model is the best for them to drive?  Of course, you want the vehicle to be safe, but you do not have the means to pay a fortune for the newest safety features in the industry.  Also, you want the vehicle to perform, but a V8 engine that moves the car from zero to sixty in under seven seconds is just asking for trouble.

Well, it just so happens that we at O’Brien Subaru have the perfect vehicles to fit your young-adult driver’s needs (and please them too!).  Thus, we’d like to offer you the top three reasons to buy your kid a Subaru.

1.  Subaru vehicles can handle any and all terrain and weather conditions.  Subaru has always had a reputation of being an off-roading vehicle.  This is in part due to the fact that every Subaru features all-wheel drive, even our vehicles.  While we are not suggesting you should buy your child an all-wheel drive Subaru so they can drive out in a field and have a party, we do think this feature will give you, the parent, some peace of mind in all types of weather.  Plus, they won’t be coming to you begging for the keys to your car when there is a rainstorm.

2.  Subaru vehicles are just fast enough.  Most Subaru vehicles, including those Fort Myers used Forester vehicles mentioned above, come standard with a four-cylinder engine.  Rarely do Subaru vehicles use a V6 and never a V8.  For a new driver, too much power is dangerous.  As a parent you can be confident your child will have enough power to get up to speed on the on-ramp of an interstate, but not enough power to drag race their friends.  This fact coupled with the all-wheel drive feature makes a Subaru an extremely safe vehicle to drive.

3. Your kid will think the Subaru vehicle is cool.  No, really!  Subaru has made a conscious effort to update the interior of their vehicles, especially in the technology and entertainment categories.  For example, compared to our older essay help me vehicles, the 2011 Subaru Forester vehicles have infotainment capabilities and an Aux jack for iPod connectivity.

For more information on reasons why Subaru vehicles are the perfect vehicles to buy your kid, visit us at O’Brien Subaru, your leading dealer in Ft. Myers of Subaru Forester models and many other used and new Subaru models too!