We tend to take a lot of our cars’ capabilities for granted, especially as new technology develops over time, but the truth of the matter is that our cars are pretty amazing things. Of course, we’re talking to Subaru drivers here, so there’s no need to explain what we mean any further.

But what about something like all-wheel drive? Cars have four wheels, so why not use them all? It sounds like a silly question, but it’s worth asking, especially as brief definition of creative writing and the entire Subaru family is celebrating 40 years of symmetrical all-wheel drive. That’s right – in 1972, Subaru released the Leone Estate Van four-wheel drive vehicle in Japan.

Since that time, this exceptional capability has become a familiar feature for Subaru vehicles, like the http://fieldscdjrblog.com/save-water-creative-writing/. In fact, Subaru’s total production of all-wheel drive and part-time four-wheel drive vehicles was at 11,782,812 units according to end-of-January 2012 statistics. That makes up nearly 56 percent of the automaker’s total vehicle sales.

With numbers like that, we have to ask – what’s not to celebrate?

How about this – Subaru technology has achieved optimal longitudinal-transverse weight balance to ensure stable traction on a variety of road surfaces that our drivers are likely to encounter. This is accomplished through mounting the powertrain with side-to-side symmetry and placing the transmission within the wheelbase and back from the front axle.

Subaru’s current developments are no less impressive. Four-wheel traction management is their current project, and it fits vehicles with steady and accurate grip to all wheels at once and at all times.

If it sounds complicated, don’t fret. You’re in expert hands with Subaru. After all, they have 40 years of practice with this remarkable technology.