In today’s world, achieving “legacy status” is something quite respected.  In order to become a legacy, you must do something better than anyone else has done before and, in addition; you must be great in other ways as well.  Thus, becoming a legacy is quite a hard thing to do.  Once in a while, however, legacies do come around and they command respect and attention.

One such legacy, and rightfully named, is the Subaru Legacy sedan.  This vehicle upholds the definition of its name with perfection.  For example, the Webster Dictionary’s definition of Legacy, in part, defines it as, “a gift of property by will.”  One such “gift” of the Legacy sedan is its performance and reliability.

Thanks to its classically Subaru Boxer engine, the Subaru Legacy sedan is the best performing sedan in its class.  What’s more, the Subaru Legacy is, of course, all-wheel drive.  The presence of this feature only aids to the vehicle’s performance abilities.

But the Subaru Legacy, available at your local dealer, O’Brien Subaru, deserves its name most thanks to its reliability.  After all, reliability is the “gift of property by will” that the Subaru Legacy has passed down through its now five generations of Legacy models.  95% of all Subaru vehicles built in the last ten years are still on the road today.  Now that’s some legacy.

At your Fort Myers Legacy dealer, you’ll find the sedan available in seven different trim levels.  These vehicles range from a base price of $19,995 to $31,395 and offer an array of options and engine sizes so as to be suitable for most every driver.  With so many combinations of features available, there really is a perfect vehicle for everyone at our Ft. Myers Legacy dealer lot.

As for the exterior of the Legacy, all trim levels utilize essentially the same look.  The Subaru Legacy is often noted for its subdued, yet classy look.  The vehicle’s lines are simple and its accents minute, which means this vehicle will not go out of style any time soon (which is a good thing, considering you can be 95% certain any Legacy purchased at your live homework help dealership will run for the next ten years).

To bring a Legacy into your own family, visit O’Brien Subaru for a test drive today.