It never ceases to amaze me what the combination of a creative mind and engineering skills can come up with.  Being one who’s mind does not have the ability to think so “out of the box” or understand the technical way in which things work, it simply amazes me when people come up with what seem to be crazy and futuristic ideas, and then bring them to life.  Scott Brusaw just happens to be one of these amazing people in my mind and likely, you’ll find him amazing too.

Imagine driving in Ft. Myers, a Legacy made by Subaru… on a glass road.  Scott Brusaw not only can imagine this, but he has invented it too.  Scott is the CEO of Solar Roadways, a company he runs with his wife Julie.  His invention is a roadway that is solar powered and made out of glass.  The solar panels, working in conjunction with a type of heating element, allow the glass road to stay warm enough to keep ice from accumulating on top of it.  Additionally, LED lights within the glass light up to act like the painted lines, arrows and warning messages we see painted on our roadways today.

Scott Brusaw’s claim is that the solar paneled glass roads would save society money over time because they would be resistant to the cold, unlike the potholed streets in northern climates are today.  What’s more, asphalt is made with petroleum – which will not be available forever.

The U.S. Department of Transportation is interested enough in Brusaw’s technology to help him install his invention around the grounds of his Idaho based company.  Brusaw estimates his glass road costs about $4.4million per mile – re”glass” the entire country (or world) and Bill Gates may no longer be the world’s richest man.

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