Everyone wants their purchases to last. Buyer’s remorse isn’t a happy feeling for anyone, and one of the worst feelings you can have as a consumer is looking back and realizing that your purchase – especially a big one – just wasn’t worth it.

Doesn’t sound familiar? Well, that’s no surprise. If you’re a Subaru driver, why would it?

After all, the automaker recently snagged a handful of ALG Residual Value Awards for 2012 vehicles across several categories. And ALG knows what they’re talking about – this is the auto industry’s benchmark for residual values and depreciation data. ALG findings recognize those vehicles that are projected to retain the highest percentage of their original price after three years of ownership.

Of course, http://fieldscdjrblog.com/creative-writing-level-9/ drivers know that once you get behind the wheel of a Subaru, you’ll want to stick around for more than three years. But that goes for any Subaru model, and with the title of Best Mainstream Brand in the books for the third year in a row, Naples car dealer O’Brien Ft. Myers Subaru knows that drivers will only continue to fall for Subarus.

Take, for instance, the 2012 Subaru Legacy, which earned the Best Midsize Car award. With standard all-wheel drive, a roomy interior and exceptional fuel economy keeping the Legacy in high demand, the award was an easy one to place.

Luckily for drivers in Ft. Myers, the Outback also came away with an award for Best Midsize Utility Vehicle. This vehicle stands out among all other crossovers for interior space and seamless handling.

ALG determines award winners through a study of competitors in all categories that comprises historical vehicle performance and trends in the auto industry. In-depth assessments consider production levels relative to demand for the vehicle and overall quality as well as pricing and marketing strategies.

Buying a Subaru from a Naples car dealer makes it easy for drivers to know that they’ve made the right purchase. That’s because Subaru stands for reliability and reinvention, and Subaru drivers know how important those two qualities can be.

Now it’s time for you to find out. Visit O’Brien Ft. Myers Subaru today to see if you’re ready to make a purchase you’ll never regret.