If you’re in the market for the Subaru Forester, an esteemed 2009 Motor Trend Car of the Year, know that if you decide to go with any 2011 model but the turbocharged 2.5XT, there will be something a little different happening under hood.  Subaru has re-engineered its own boxer 4-cylinder engine for the compact crossover wagon, the 2011 Forester.

So what’s the deal with this new boxer engine?  Well, although it doesn’t offer much of an increase in power (it still measures out around 170-hp but at a slightly lower rpm), where it does show significant improvements is in the fuel efficiency.  The 2011 Forester will now get 21 city/27 highway, about a five percent increase over the old engine, including the one in the ‘09.  In addition, the new engine will be running differently as well.  We’ll spare you the gearhead shop talk concerning timing-chain systems and timing belts—if you want to read more about that we suspect you know where to track it down—but the meat and potatoes of this upgrade is that by going from a belt to a chain it reduces the maintenance costs.  As you take into account the money saved over the Forester’s lifespan on these fuel and maintenance costs, it makes the 2011 Forester, with its modest $200-$500 increase, an extremely better value in real dollars over the 2010 model.

At some point, the new engine is expected to become standard through the rest of the Subaru lineup, though the Japanese automaker has not set any specific timetable for when creative writing sneaking and http://fieldscdjrblog.com/technical-cv-writing-service/ dealers can expect their models to boast the new engine.  So for now, Fort Myers Legacy and Ft. Myers Outback drivers will just have to admire it as though a sibling has recently performed some noteworthy feat.

Outside of the engine, little else has changed from the Subaru Forester most remember and love.  It is still a comfortable and dependable vehicle.  But there are some tech capability upgrades featuring Bluetooth with all but the base model, and the 2.5X Premium and 2.5XT Premium models come standard with USB inputs, iPod connectivity, and Satellite radio capability.