At 5’4”1/4 inches, I am rather on the short side and therefore, I have always been envious of the long legged lanky sorts.  From down here, it is incredible how much easier life up there seems.  The long legged lanky sorts can use all of their kitchen cabinets, for example, even that impossible to reach for us “shorties” top shelf.  Everything from light bulb changing to hedge trimming, car washing and more seems to be a breeze for my peers who have been blessed with long legs (not to mention the outfits they can pull off).

However, as a little one, I must admit I do have one distinct advantage over my long legged friends – I have never lacked needed legroom in a vehicle, ever.  While I cannot relate, I do have great sympathy for tall people in their quest to find a vehicle comfortable and accommodating to their long legs.   Therefore, I would like to suggest to the lanky sorts to seek a Subaru Outback from our local, O’Brien Subaru.  (However, to be fair, I must point out the Subaru Outback is a great vehicle for those with legs like mine as well.)

The Subaru Outback hatchback has been named one of the top ten hatchbacks and wagons offering passengers the most rear legroom.  Rear legroom is really the kicker for the long legged types.  Both the driver and the front passenger have the freedom to move their seats back as far as needed.  However, the back passengers possess no such luck.  Therefore, it is important that a vehicle has a big enough backseat that no matter how far the front seats have been scooted back, the rear passengers still have plenty of room to ride with ease.  With the 2011 Subaru Outback at our Ft. Myers Outback dealer, this is exactly what you get.

Of course, the only way to prove our point is to entice long legged consumers to come to our Ft. Myers Subaru dealership and try the back seat for themselves, which is exactly what we are asking you to do.  Stop cramming you and your lanky loved ones into cars that just do not offer enough space.  Come see us at O’Brien Subaru, your dealer, today and let us get you into a vehicle that encourages you to stretch out and just be you!