Wouldn’t it be nice if all of our cars did the work for us? The blind spot-checking, the lane-changing, the unprotected-left-turning. Well, while the 2013 Subaru Legacy and creative writing victorian era is anticipating won’t necessarily be able to do all of those things, they will be able to offer drivers more advanced collision avoidance systems that will make it seem like the car is driving itself.

On top of unmatched all-wheel drive, these vehicles will also feature Subaru’s new EyeSight System, which uses a stereo camera with two CCD image sensors at the top of the windshield to signal the car’s braking and electronic throttle, which allows for the system to control the pre-collision braking system, adaptive cruise control and lane departure. While these features are not brand new in the segment or the industry, the difference between Subaru and the competition is that the technology we’ll be able to offer car shoppers at rat creative writing will be much more affordable. What’s more, these features are expected to be offered on other models in the Subaru lineup in the coming years.

Another difference in the Subaru system comes down to how it tracks pedestrians and traffic. Subaru’s system will use stereoscopic technology rather than radar to create a sense of depth in the camera image by capturing any situation from two different perspectives. As a result, Subaru’s system detects a wider area of outside activity. Finally, the placement of the camera at the top of the windshield is safer than its usual bumper placement on radar systems.

We don’t need a camera to see that 2013 is going to be a big year for the Subaru Legacy and Outback.