Remember when television shows weren’t all “reality” television shows and actually had plot lines (that didn’t pretend to be real life)?  Now, almost everything on television is a reality show, but none of them are actually reality, well at least any reality I’ve ever witnessed or lived.  However, there is at least one real “reality” on TV today only it doesn’t come in the form of a show.

Instead, the reality is a commercial and unless you read this blog or some other news source, you’d probably never guess it is reality.  The commercial is Subaru’s new “Baby Driver” commercial.  Watch the commercial and then I’ll explain its reality.

The commercial is simple, touching and obviously scripted, right?  Wrong.  The actor in the commercial was initially hired to play a scripted role.  However, before filming he mentioned that he connected well with the part because he had two daughters.  One had just turned 16 and gotten her driver’s license and the other was soon to do the same.  Thus, Subaru asked the father to say what he’d say to his own daughters.  What you see in the commercial is just that.  No script, no acting, just pure reality.

Watching this commercial without this knowledge makes it just another sappy ad to try to sell vehicles, but knowing its heartfelt nature, I think the commercial is extremely powerful.  Letting you’re child leave in a vehicle for the first time is a huge step for parents and we at business plan writers in philadelphia, O’Brien Ft. Myers Subaru understand that.  That’s why we sell quality products that are safe, reliable and affordable so you can let your little girl go, even though you don’t want to.  After all, we at your Ft. Myers Subaru dealer are parents ourselves.

A great Subaru for first time drivers in Fort Myers is the Outback.  The Outback is safe and gets great gas mileage.  Even more important, perhaps, is the fact that it has enough get-up and go to keep up with traffic, but you’re child won’t be able to race away from the stoplights in Fort Myers.  Outback vehicles are available for a test drive at O’Brien today.