A few months ago, we brought you news of a new Subaru model in the works.  However, at that point in time Subaru executives had yet to announce whether or not the vehicle would be making a debut stateside.  While we were hopeful to welcome the new model onto our creative writing suny purchase, we had little hope of ever actually being able to do so.

Thus, we are pleased to announce Subaru executives recently announced the company’s plan to bring the new Subaru model stateside.  What’s more, the new Subaru model will be at our Ft. Myers Subaru dealership as soon as next year.  Now that these plans are set in place, we at O’Brien Subaru are eager to share with our customers the details surrounding this new and exciting Subaru vehicle headed to our Ft. Myers Subaru dealer lot.

The newest addition to the Subaru lineup is currently known as the Subaru XV, however Subaru executives have suggested that the vehicle may be marketed under a different name in the States.  The vehicle is a crossover compact and was first introduced to the auto market as a concept vehicle at this year’s auto show in Shanghai.  Though a model all its own, the Subaru XV most closely resembles a cross between the Subaru Impreza hatchback and the Subaru Outback.  The vehicle is larger than the Impreza hatchback, but smaller than the Outback – giving consumers a choice for the middle ground.  Ultimately, the vehicle will replace the Subaru line up’s current Outback Sport model.

Few specific details are known about the coming Subaru XV at this point.  However, as can always be expected with a Subaru model, the vehicle will no doubt come with all wheel drive.  Also, in keeping with Subaru’s upgrades to the interior of their vehicles, the Subaru XV will likely offer creature comfort amenities like XM radio and an Aux iPod jack.

For more details on this new Subaru model, visit your local Ft. Myers Subaru dealer, O’Brien Subaru.