As your creative writing fiction exercises, I do not need to lecture you on keeping your weight in check.  Thanks to a society now obsessed with losing weight and being healthier, all of us carrying a few extra pounds know good and well we need to cut out the Twinkies, and most of us even plan to do so… someday.  However, as a Ft. Myers Subaru dealer here at O’Brien Subaru, I like to think of myself as a car doctor. 

Therefore, I am here to tell you that carrying around extra weight in your vehicle is as bad for your car as carrying the extra weight on your body is for your health and actually, for much of the same reasons.  When you carry around extra weight on your body, your joints, organs, bones, etc. have to work harder and are extra stressed.  When you carry around extra weight in your car, the same thing happens.

Too top heavy – The top of your car is a great place to haul extra cargo, like bikes, or other goods in a storage unit.  However, it is important to keep in mind what your vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is and abide by this “capacity” limit.  You can find this information in your owner’s manual and sometimes on the inside of the driver’s side doorframe.  Also, cargo on top of your vehicle changes the balance of your vehicle.  Keep this in mind when taking tight turns or traveling through windy weather.

Too rear heavy – The trunk of your car can be a great place to store goods too, sometimes even on a regular basis.  While it isn’t going to ruin your car to store your golf clubs in your trunk all summer, it will hurt your gas mileage.  A few items won’t be a big deal, but don’t get in the habit of living out of your trunk.  Overtime, the extra wear and tear on everything from your breaks to your tires will take its toll.

Too heavy all over – Carrying around too much weight all over your vehicle probably doesn’t happen very often for most of us.  However, during road trips and moves, or any other time you stuff your car from floor to ceiling, you may be over loading your vehicle.  I know it seems like a chore to add up the weight of what is going into your vehicle and compare it to your vehicle’s GVWR, but estimating should do the trick.  If you think you might be over what your vehicle can handle, make two trips.  The extra time is cheaper than wearing out your vehicle prematurely.

As you know, taking care of your vehicle, like the Subaru Forester, means fewer trips to us, your Ft. Myers used Forester dealer, to repair or replace your vehicle.  While maintenance usually comes in the form of oil changes and tire rotations, asking your vehicle to carry extra weight too often can affect you vehicle’s routine maintenance schedule.  To have your vehicle checked out, visit us at your local Ft. Myers used Forester dealer, O’Brien Subaru.

Oh yes, and lay off the Twinkies!