I’ve always said that in my next life, I’m going to be a racecar driver.  Nothing gives me more of a thrill than driving fast along curvy ocean side roads with the windows down and the music up.  When the car I’m driving is a capable one, this experience gives me even more of a high.  Lucky for me then, and anyone who feels as I do, that as a Ft. Myers Subaru dealership, we at O’Brien Ft. Myers Subaru have a little sedan to offer the public that is so racecar-like that we feel obliged to warn customers the vehicle may not be safe for city driving.

The vehicle in question is Subaru’s newest edition to the Ft. Myers Subaru dealership lot: the STI.  The 2011 STI is sold as an every day driving vehicle, but at heart it is a racecar through and through.  This fact is mostly due to the turbocharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder Subaru Boxer engine that uses a six-speed manual transmission to move the car with a force of 305 horsepower.  In a nutshell, the vehicle has incredible speed, which is something most city streets don’t handle well.

The engineers at Subaru have added several drive modes to the STI to aid you in keeping your foot off of the acceleration pedal at times that it may be inappropriate.  Intelligent, Sport and Sport Sharp are the drive modes available and they can be selected simply by the push of a button on the center dash.  The Intelligent mode makes the vehicle as fuel efficient as possible (read: the vehicle is not as much fun to drive, but costs less and leaves less of a carbon footprint).

The Sport mode increases throttle response and acceleration and of course, the Sport Sharp does both things with even more intensity.  Thus, the STI really can be a city car, if you’re willing to drive in the appropriate drive mode.  This leaves for weekend road trips, with Sport Sharp on from Friday through Sunday.

O’Brien Ft. Myers Subaru serves as a Naples Subaru dealer as well so no matter where you live, come visit your local Ft. Myers and Naples Subaru dealer to check out the 2011 Subaru STI and let the racecar driver inside of you come out.