Since there seems to be little an individual can do about these consistently on the rise gas prices, especially considering our entire government cannot seem to do anything about them, we at your local r e homework help of O’Brien Subaru would like to offer you a few car maintenance tips that will help you save money. Additionally, these tips will help keep your car in as tip top shape as possible, allowing you to rely on this vehicle for years to come.  Finally, if you’re smart enough to have purchased a vehicle from the dealership in Fort Myers, a used Forester let’s say, the tips below will only add to the already impressive fuel economy and long lasting features of your reliable vehicle, and therefore add green stuff to your wallet.

First things first, those tires – the best thing for a custom service writing owner to do is consistently check the pressure of the vehicle’s tires.  In a climate like Fort Myers, that is to say a climate that can experience hot daytime temperatures and cool nighttime air in the same 24-hour period, tire pressure can change quite rapidly.  There are consequences to both underinflated tires and overinflated tires so drivers looking to save money should work on maintaining the pressure as well as possible.

Second things second, those tires (again) – Our next money saving tip once again concerns the tires.  Tires with overused or unevenly used treads can cost drivers more money by being less fuel efficient, as well as being a safety hazard.  To avoid an accident and to get as much out of each gallon of gasoline that you purchase, have your tires rotated as needed and replace them as needed too.  The upfront cost will save you money in the long run.

Last things last, not those tires (finally) – Another money saving tip is to replace your air filter consistently.  Doing so costs little money but can save you lots of money.  A dirty air filter makes vehicles less fuel-efficient because they make an engine work harder than it needs too.  (Not to mention, this breaks down your engine faster).  Replacing your air filter is a simple, inexpensive and quick maintenance step that will yield you big results.

And of course, to save money in the long run, purchase a fuel efficient, safe and a run forever vehicle – a Subaru – from your local Ft. Myers Subaru dealership, O’Brien Subaru.