As a proud and passionate, we ask ourselves all the time what we love most about cars. Of course, there are dozens of answers, but one that comes up frequently is that they’re just plain fun.

The great news: at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week in Las Vegas, Subaru drivers and followers are going to learn about all of the ways that the new BRZ product line is going to provide even more fun along your commute. And announcing enhanced infotainment offerings through a new partnership is only the beginning.

After all, it’s not just info or entertainment that makes a Subaru fun to drive. It’s also the handling, and with the 2013 BRZ model, that’s exactly what the automaker was focusing on. The model’s chassis was designed around achieving the lowest possible center of gravity in order to activate the car’s Boxer engine design as fully as possible. To achieve this feat, Subaru developed a brand-new, naturally aspirated 2.0-liter engine with 200 horsepower that is more compact and strategically placed in the chassis to allow for exceptional balance and the ultimate example of sports car handling.

Available with either automatic or six-speed manual transmission, the BRZ sits low with a completely aerodynamic body that doesn’t sacrifice a moment of comfort or practicality. The 2013 BRZ will be available late this spring and is the first car to bring the automaker to the CES.

Things only seem to be looking up for the company that recently enjoyed its fourth consecutive year of growth and reset its all-time vehicle sales record. To see how O’Brien Subaru could make your 2012 a little brighter, stop in for a test drive today!