If Subaru chose to run the same commercials in the United States that they are running in Canada, Ft. Myers Subaru Forester dealership, O’Brien Fort Myers Subaru, would have no trouble selling the latest Forester model.  This is thanks to the fact that apparently, the Foresters sold in Canada come complete with a bodyguard for the vehicle.

With this bodyguard, Subaru notes that the Forester comes standard with “sexy.”  Being sexy is an extremely appealing and powerful quality in our culture, and arguably much of the world, Canada included, but there may be some debate over if what Subaru is claiming as sexy, actually is.  Take a look at what I’m talking about:

Calling an overweight Asian man dressed in little more than a thong diaper who is rolling seductively around on top of the hood of a vehicle may be sexy to some, but I think there may be some argument about whether the sumo wrestler gives the Forester vehicle the right to claim sexy as standard.  But regardless of this argument, the commercial sure is entertaining.  Too bad Subaru isn’t airing the commercial in the States, well at least not at the moment.

Thus, unfortunately if you visit your local Ft. Myers Subaru Forester, you will not find nearly identical looking Asian sumo wrestlers lounging on the hood of the small SUVs.  But, if it’s any consolation, you will find standard features like handy storage spaces specifically for your wallet, cell phone and i-pod.  Also standard on the Forester are a host of accident avoidance features such as Vehicle Dynamics Control, which recognizes if a vehicle is slipping off course in undesirable weather and automatically corrects the error.  And these features only begin the list.

For more information on all of the standard features on the Forester, as well as available upgrade options, visit O’Brien Fort Myers Subaru, a Naples car dealer.  The sales staff will be able to answer all of your questions and a Forester model will be available for a test drive as well.  Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee a Japanese sumo wrestler will be lounging on the hood of any vehicle on the Naples car dealer lot.

For that, you’ll have to head north to Canada.