Ft. Myers Subaru Forester dealer, O’Brien Fort Myers Subaru, feels a vehicle should assist your life style and certainly not hinder it.  Many vehicles on the market today are hindering either in size, price, or fuel efficiency.  They are either too small to haul all the people and goods needed for adventure, but correcting for this size issue can cost you a pretty penny.  For situations such as this, there is one vehicle on the market that perfectly responds to all of the above needs – the Subaru Forester.

The Subaru Forester often gets overlooked because it is not the best of anything.  By this I mean it is by no means the biggest SUV on the market.  It’s also not the most plush, not the fastest and arguably not even the best looking.  So why then, would anyone visit the Ft. Myers Subaru Forester dealership with the intent of purchasing a Forester?  Simple – because the Forester is everything that you need.

First, the Forester is a desirable size.  It can be described as a small SUV but it also shows characteristics of a station wagon.  Thus, it seats five adults comfortable and still has a large trunk available for cargo.  What’s more, if the back seats aren’t needed to haul people, they can fold down in a 60/40 fashion to make even more cargo space available.  A sedan can’t offer you this kind of stowage, while a large SUV offers you more than you need.

Next, the Forester can keep up with city and expressway traffic just as well as the next guy and also handle tough off-road terrain, all while achieving up to 28 miles per gallon in highway fuel efficiency thanks to its perfectly sized engine.  The Forester features a four-cylinder engine with 170-horsepower and 174 pound-feet of torque – perfectly sufficient for 99.9% of car driver’s needs.  Unfortunately, many SUVs in the Forester’s class are made by manufacturers who think an SUV body means you have to use a V6 or even a V8 engine in order to push all of that metal around.  However, for consumers this means higher price tags and higher prices at the pump.

A 2011 Forester starts at just $20,495, significantly less than most SUVs on the market, but O’Brien is also a Ft. Myers used Forester dealership.  So if you don’t need new, stop in to the Ft. Myers used Forester dealership and see how little you’ll actually have to spend to get everything you need, all packaged up nicely in the form of a capable Subaru Forester SUV, new or used.