Remember the days before you could make purchases online? Those days when Cyber Monday was only a small dream in the back of someone’s mind as they stood in line for two hours on Black Friday?

Yeah, I don’t either. But bear with me.

Internet technology has helped consumers do and buy some pretty amazing things, and now creative writing grad programs nycshoppers can consult Subaru’s online dynamic brochure before even calling in for a test drive. This interactive display provides visitors with an assembly of photos, demos and videos of the 2012 Forester.

Whether shoppers have questions or concerns about the Forester’s capabilities or available color schemes, they don’t have to look farther than the dynamic brochure for answers. After all, this feature gives visitors a 360-degree view of the impressive vehicle, so not a nook or cranny will be lost in the shadows.

But if you want to see it yourself, of course, there’s always Naples car dealer O’Brien Ft. Myers Subaru. We’re pretty sure that even one view of the mid-sized SUV’s dynamic brochure will have you running to the phone to schedule a test drive for yourself.

There’s plenty you can learn about a car from your Naples car dealer, but why not get a head start from the comfort of your own computer screen? Here you can test a variety of colors and interior trim options, and there’s no shortage of demos if you want a more interactive online experience.

We all have different needs in the cars we drive around Ft. Myers. Subaru Forester drivers know that their car accomplishes them all. Its safety features are award-winning, its versatility impressive, its design more than eye-catching, and with symmetrical all-wheel drive, we can’t think of another thing you could possibly need from this car. Unless you’re thinking of a Subaru Boxer engine, which this car has as well.

Whatever reasons you have for checking out Subaru’s 2012 Forester online brochure, we know you’ll be getting a one-of-a-kind look at a one-of-a-kind car, because the online brochure option that began last year has served countless Subaru shoppers in their car search. Plus the program help keeps Subaru and its drivers green by saving paper and ink while reducing energy consumption and production waste.

No wonder those pre-internet days are hard to remember.