Subaru, the company that brought us the little girl playing behind the driver’s wheel while her dad watched over as she suddenly grew to 16 years old and was driving away for the first time, is once again tugging at our hearts with their newest ad campaign.    This time, Subaru is making a claim that soon to be parents who choose to transport their families in a Subaru vehicle can rest easy knowing they are placing their children in one of the safest vehicles on the market.

The commercial, titled “Sweet Love,” shows an expecting father preparing for the baby by visiting baby stores for the essential items like strollers and diapers, as well as taking care of and protecting his pregnant wife.  As the two prepare for their coming baby, an occasion I believe has been termed “nesting,” the camera subtly includes a Subaru Legacy, a vehicle sold at a local creative writing description of evil dealer, O’Brien Subaru, in several frames of the commercial.

Subaru’s claim is a fair one, for several reasons.  To start, often times part of preparing for a first baby includes getting a new, “kid friendly” vehicle.  In the past, the go to vehicle for nearly every new family was the minivan, but as gas prices continue to soar and other models continue to be more aesthetically pleasing (and the minivan continues to be less so), parents have started purchasing all kinds of models.

And when picking this new vehicle, every parent in the world is worried about two things: space and safety.  Subaru’s claim that putting your newborn in the back of a Subaru is one of the safest choicest you can make is true.  The 2011 Subaru Legacy was picked as a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.  This award is certainly not foreign to the automaker and certainly not exclusive to only Subaru’s Legacy model.

Therefore, if you are expecting parents, consider considering a Subaru from your local Ft. Myers Subaru Legacy dealer, O’Brien Subaru.  The Ft. Myers Legacy dealer has several colors and options available on the lot in Ft. Myers.  Legacy vehicles, additionally, are incredibly affordable, which of course is the third most important factor for new parents picking out the family vehicle.  Stop by today.