In a society that values being the biggest and the best and one that stops at nothing to achieve such a title, anyone, or company, who does not value these attributes often gets swept to the side.  However, what can seem to be a lack of ability or talent to be the best can actually be a consciously made decision.  And from these people, or companies, society might learn that bigger does not always mean better.

A company that fits the above description perfectly is Subaru.  Subaru is indeed a small automobile manufacturer, especially compared to the likes of Toyota and Honda.  However, it does manufacturer some of the best automobiles on the market.  In fact, a recent study by the well-respected Consumer Reports magazine that was presented in their annual car issue honored Subaru for this reason.  The magazine assigned grades to each major automobile manufacturer and Subaru earned the second highest mark in the industry.  What’s more, the winner, Honda, only beat Subaru by one point.

Clearly in Subaru’s case the phrase ‘bigger is better’ does not hold up.  Subaru made a conscious decision early on in its existence that becoming as large as possible was not their goal.  Rather, the company decided to focus on providing extremely well made, yet still affordable, vehicles to consumers.  Over the years, Subaru has become known for their four-wheel-drive vehicles, like those found at a local como se dice doing homework en espanol dealership.  Most other car brands make consumers pay extra for a trim level that features all-wheel-drive.

More recently, Subaru has decided to focus on improving the interior of their vehicles.  They have added features like an improved sound system, a removable navigation system by the well-known navigation company, Garmin, and iPod jacks to their Ft. Myers Subaru Outback vehicles.  All of these efforts by Subaru ensure that every vehicle found on the Ft. Myers Subaru dealership lot is of the highest quality.

Flying under the radar is certainly not for everyone (think Lady Gaga) or even every car company.  But for a select few, this position in life seems to fit perfectly.  So the next time you’re in the market to buy a car, ask yourself, “what about a Subaru?”  The options at your local are likely to surprise you and keep you satisfied for years to come.  Come visit us at O’Brien Fort Myers Subaru today.