From my observations, when it comes to picking a vehicle for their new teen driver, two types of parents exist.  The first is the “nothing is too good for my child” type.  These parents buy the most expensive, fastest and flashiest vehicle their bank account can afford.  Then there are the “you’re lucky to even get a car – when I was your age I walked everywhere” types.  These parents mosey on down to the local junkyard and take any vehicle worth $1,000 or less.  However, the best idea is for parents to land somewhere in between these two extremes.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has conducted countless hours of research in order to offer parents a guide for the best vehicles to present to their children on that coveted 16th birthday.  And while we all want to give our children the best, a brand new Mercedes is one of the worst cars a teen can have.  On the flip side, buying an old fender-bender can put your teen in harm’s way.  The NHTSA’s research not only suggests specific models best for teen drivers but also types of cars to lean towards and types to stay away from.

The Mercedes mentioned earlier would be a good vehicle to stay away from because of its speed.  The NHTSA warns parents that cars with lots of horsepower and flashy looks may encourage teens to drive faster than the law permits (and their young driving skills can handle).

Instead, the NHTSA tells parents to opt for less flashy models that are known for their safety features.  Subaru gets a good nod from the NHTSA for these exact reasons.  Specifically, the Forester and the Outback are great choices for new drivers, including models a few years old.  Therefore, our local Ft. Myers used Forester and properly written thesis statement dealer, O’Brien Fort Myers Subaru, is a great dealership for parents to visit.

Not to mention, parents will save a bundle by visiting the dealership in Ft. Myers.  Used Forester vehicles are in abundance on the lot and priced as low as anywhere else in Ft. Myers.  Outback vehicles are also in stock with an array of features.

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