Subaru automakers have long produced a fleet of well-loved, family-friendly, and off-road ready vehicles that mostly appealed to a somewhat outdoorsy type of person to a national staple. While vehicles like the santa barbara creative writing carry the original motif and style that made a Subaru vehicle popular among those who loved to spend their free time under the stars rather than under a roof, other models have branched out. There’s now a 2016 Subaru model for pretty much everyone. 

Adding more models to the lineup isn’t the only thing that’s made the automaker more popular, however. Here at, your Subaru dealer near Naples, FL, we take pride in being able to offer you a diverse lineup of vehicles. Ones that for all their differences share a single, important commonality. Safety is the driving force behind these excellent vehicles. The entire lineup has been awarded the Top Safety Pick by the IIHS for the past seven years.

So what makes Subaru models so safe? To start, back in the 1960’s, the automaker conducted its own safety tests before they became mandatory. This initiative to do personal testing has given the automaker a leg up. One such technology that has helped to make our favorite brand of cars so safe is the Subaru EyeSight platform. 

The EyeSight platform not only keeps you safe with standard safety technology but it also has features that help to prevent accidents, keeping you and your family as safe as possible. Such features include a pre-collision warning, automatic braking and throttle management, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control. Other notable features include blind spot detection, lane change assist, and a rear cross traffic alert. 

Whether you’re taking your new 2016 Subaru Impreza to and from work every day, or you’re packing up your Subaru Forester for a weekend camping trip, you’ll always be in safe hands thanks to Subaru EyeSight. For all of your Subaru needs in and around Naples, FL, head on down to O’Brien Mazda Fort Myers today.