When you drive a new Subaru car, you know that your vehicle is prepared for road hazards; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are. As a driver, you can’t avoid danger forever, so it’s important that you know how to react. The expert staff here at http://fieldscdjrblog.com/automotive-service-writer-cover-letter/ has compiled a list of some common road hazards and how to handle them.

What to Do When an Accident Occurs:

One of the scariest road hazards is a distracted driver, who are, unfortunately, pretty common. If you are in an accident, the most important thing to do is to remain calm. Though it can be difficult, maintaining composure is the best way to handle things. Get your bearings and move your vehicle to a safer location away from traffic. Check on your passengers, if there are any. Then, once everyone is alright, call 911 and take down the other driver’s information.

If you happen to observe an accident, try and remain calm. Instead, continue driving at a steady pace along with traffic. When you’ve stopped driving, call the accident in to make sure that first responders are on their way to the scene.

Pedestrians & Cyclists: 

When driving, always keep an eye out for pedestrians and cyclists. The best thing to do is to stay alert and give them space on the road.

Here at O’Brien Subaru of Fort Myers all of our thomas malthus an essay on the principle of population and other writings are equipped with the safety features to handle road hazards. In order to see these features for yourself, you’ll need to schedule an appointment to test drive some vehicles. Visit your Florida Subaru dealership today to learn more about vehicle safety.