Owning a Subaru model means that you can rely on it to keep you safe. Whether it’s a new model like the planning sheet creative writing or the same Subaru Forester you’ve had for years, Subaru cars are reliable. However, even with top safety awards year after year, sometimes your vehicle encounters an issue. As your Fort Myers, FL Subaru dealer, we want you to feel confident when something needs attention.

To help, we’re providing a short guide on your Subaru model’s dashboard warning lights. With so many dashboards lights, knowing what each one means can be quite the task. Luckily, deciphering their many meanings doesn’t require you to memorize your owner’s manual.

The first thing to know about dashboard lights is that their color indicates the seriousness of an issue. Lights that are green, white, or blue provide useful information on your settings ranging from your airflow to your headlamps.

Yellow or orange colored lights mean that something isn’t working or responding correctly. A yellow light doesn’t always indicate that your car needs immediate attention but suggests an issue that needs to be fixed.

If you see a red light, it’s smart to stop driving as soon as possible. Red lights warn you that an issue is urgent and potentially dangerous. If you see a dashboard light you don’t understand it’s best to look it up in your owner’s manual before you continue driving.

Understanding the symbols of some lights can be a bit like reading hieroglyphics. However, familiarizing yourself with specific symbols can help. For example, brake issues show as a circle inside parentheses; a deflated tire indicates tire pressure problems, and engine issues show as an engine icon.

As your Fort Myers, FL Subaru dealer, we’re here to help you with all your Subaru model needs. Whether you’re looking for new Subaru accessories or in need of expert Subaru service. Visit us today for all your needs.