Three years ago Subaru officials first announced they were building a 2.2-liter four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine which they would release in Europe over the summer of 2007. Since then Americans, including me, and everyone at the Naples car dealer O’Brien Ft. Myers Subaru, have been waiting for its arrival stateside.

At the time of the European release, Fuji Heavy Industries president Ikuo Mori said of a US release “We are preparing to launch the engine when the market is ready” and he had hoped that time would be mid-2010. Well, here we are nearing mid-2010 and the reports appear the same – if the markets allow, we may soon see the diesel engine in the States!

While the horizontally-opposed boxer diesels have been huge sellers in Europe and have helped to boost Subaru’s total sales, Subaru officials have yet to decide if America is ready. There are two main factors which are affecting its release in America –high diesel prices and the stringent emissions requirements in America. Despite these factors, Subaru is not counting the possibility out.

Subaru’s executive Vice President Tom Doll explains that a lot needs to fall into place, most importantly lower diesel prices, but he still plans to get the car ready and looks to bring it over as soon as the market sorts itself out. As for the emissions requirements, he acknowledges that they are significant. However, with the new CAFE regulations set to increase to 35 mpg by 2016, he might realize that the time for diesel in America is now.

As the market sorts itself out, your Naples car dealer promises me they will be monitoring diesel prices and hoping for the best. If the diesel does make it to the US, which cars would you like to see it in? A Ft. Myers Outback? Or perhaps a Forester or Impreza? The possibilities seem endless!

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