If there’s one thing we recognize here at our http://fieldscdjrblog.com/mfa-creative-writing-unc-wilmington/, it’s that the automotive industry is changing day after day. Every time you buckle into the driver’s seat, there are new destinations waiting beyond your steering wheel, new songs for you to sing as you cruise down the road and new applications for you to consider tapping into for entertainment and assistance as you drive.

We also know that the changes taking over the automotive industry are a reflection of the technology, communication and social changes taking place in the world at large. That’s precisely why we are so excited to announce that Subaru of America, Inc., (SOA) will now be operating a public relations Twitter handle to enhance the brand’s existing social platforms.

From now on, drivers can access celebrate america creative writing contest for brand news, announcements and information updates. The news-dedicated Twitter handle will also include retweets from the existing SOA Twitter feed on @Subaru_USA in addition to retweets from brand partners and other relevant sources.

Best of all, SOA is dedicated to making the process and interactive one, enabling journalists and members of the media to follow the brand’s new Twitter handle for real-time updates direct from the Subaru Corporate Communications team.

If you’re ready for a more personal experience, then we encourage you to contact our Subaru dealership to begin your journey along a new driving path behind the wheel of a vehicle that has been designed and detailed to suit the needs of drivers like you. After all, the best way to stay up to date on all things Subaru is to stay behind the wheel of a Subaru vehicle!