This year, across America auto show patrons were confused.  Many of them found themselves looking at a vehicle with a Subaru badge that was clearly not a Subaru.  Had a hidden camera been focused on these patrons, it would have captured many quizzical looks and several heads turning this way and that, trying to figure out if there had been a mistake made by the set up crew or if they were part of a big joke.  However, what they were witnessing was in fact real.

The object of confusion was Subaru’s brand new Impreza concept.  Revealed at auto shows in New York, Detroit and L.A., the four-door “coupe” is not the only radical new idea the Impreza embodies.  Its style is all-new and looks nothing like what you’d expect from a Subaru.  But, as is always a fear when one goes “glam,” the Impreza has not forgotten its roots.  It still embodies what you’d expect from a Subaru – an engine made by Boxer, all-wheel-drive, and a down-to-earth, exceptionally made vehicle.

Naples Subaru dealer will tell you that the all-new design comes from inspiration for  “dynamic flow and confident stance.”  One look at the vehicle makes it clear that Subaru achieved its goal, possibly beyond their wildest imagination.  The car flows on the outside superbly and with integrated door handles giving way to a low wide stance supporting a sharp looking grille, achieves a modern look that is sure to be the future face of Subaru.

Your local Naples car dealer, O’Brien Ft. Myers Subaru, is extremely excited about the new look of the Impreza and likely Subaru vehicles as a whole.  Unfortunately, the Naples Subaru dealer says no plans on release date or pricing have been decided by the company so it is unknown when the lot at the Naples car dealer will morph into the new “dynamic flow and confident stance” of future Subaru vehicles.  However, to get a glimpse of the kind of modern look you can expect from Subaru in the next few years, view the video below of the Subaru Impreza concept.