Why be better than anything beyond mediocrity, right?  It is fair enough if you are confused by this comment since the exact opposite value is what we promote in our society.  But, Subaru is riding high on a wave of commercials promoting a vehicle called Mediocrity and describing it as a vehicle that “is not extraordinary but extra-ordinary.”

Subaru’s sarcastic Mediocrity Campaign was advertising gold for the car company.  The Gold 2010 International Automotive Advertising Award was given to Subaru of America in response to the commercials.  The commercials do an excellent job of simulating the release of a faux vehicle in an attempt to build excitement around the new sedan all the while poking fun at all of the boring sedans that are currently flooding the market.  The company even went so far as to set up a website surrounding the release of the faux Mediocrity sedan.  Check it out here.

Of course, Subaru set up the Mediocrity Campaign as a way to separate its own sedan, the Subaru Legacy, from all those mediocre sedans on the market today.  The 2011 Subaru Legacy is certainly anything but mediocre.  Consumers have the choice between a range of engine sizes, transmissions and options that start at just below $20k and finish at around $28k.  The base model uses Subaru’s signature Boxer engine in a V6 format, but offers a four-cylinder (for those who gravitate towards mediocrity, or just better fuel efficiency).

Additionally, Subaru’s effort over the last few years to improve the interiors of its vehicles is extremely apparent thanks to available features like Bluetooth Connectivity, voice-activated navigation, heated front seats and a Harman Kardon audio system.  Edmunds.com summed up the 2011 Subaru Legacy well by simply explaining that, “If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t automatically follow the crowd, the 2011 Subaru Legacy is a solid, non-conformist choice.”  And there certainly is nothing mediocre about that.

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