Despite the fact that I am a huge country music fan, a verse from a song I recently heard on the radio really bothered me and thus, encouraged me to write this blog – just to set the record straight.  The verse was from Toby Keith’s Made in America song and reads, “my old man’s that old man,
spent his life livin’ off the land,
dirty hands, and a clean soul.
breaks his heart seein’ foreign cars…”. 

As a iu creative writing, we at O’Brien Subaru are ourselves Americans and wholeheartedly believe in supporting our country and fellow citizens.  However, despite the common misnomer, buying a Subaru from us, your local Naples Subaru dealer, is in fact giving work to your fellow Americans!

What’s more, Subaru has more than just “given work” to a few Americans recently.  The Subaru of Indiana Automotive Inc. plant recently celebrated the building of its 2 millionth Subaru.  The plant, located in the heart of the Midwest in Lafayette, Indiana, has produced over 3,400,000 vehicles in its 22 years of existence.  The way we see it here at your local Naples Subaru dealer, that’s a lot of paychecks to Americans, no matter which way you add it up.

Currently, the Subaru of Indiana Automotive Inc. plant produces the Subaru Outback, Legacy and Tribeca – arguably the three most popular Subaru brands in America today.  In previous years the plant has also assembled vehicles on behalf of Honda and Isuzu brands, and currently they are producing the Camry on Toyota’s behalf.  All three of these brands are of course “foreign,” but made in America.

Not only does the Subaru of Indiana Automotive Inc. produce vehicles for Americans to drive but, the plant ships vehicles all over the world too.  Tom Easterday, SIA executive vice president explains, “Subarus built at SIA are recognized around the world for their quality, safety and reliability. That recognition, coupled with the high demand for our SIA-built Subarus, is a tribute to the hard work and dedication of our associates.”  Those “associates” just happen to be Americans.

So while we love Toby Keith and his support of our fellow Americans, we felt it unfair to be labeled a “foreign” Naples car dealer since we serve as a Naples Subaru dealer.

Support your fellow Americans – buy a Subaru from O’Brien Subaru.