Subaru recently announced plans to introduce a new model, of sorts, to its already impressive lineup.  I use the term “of sorts” because this new model is really a take off of an existing Subaru model under an all-together new Subaru title – that of the Subaru XV.  The Subaru XV is set to be a better, more appealing and able version of the current Subaru Impreza hatchback known as the Outback Sport.

The change in names for the Subaru hatchback can likely in part be credited to the fact that the use of the name “Outback” with the current model was confusing to consumers.  This is because, as many consumers know, one of the most popular Subaru models on our Naples Subaru dealer lot today is the Subaru Outback.  While the Impreza Outback Sport somewhat resembles the Subaru Outback, it is an entirely different vehicle.  Thus, the double use of the term “Outback” left many consumers confused.

But in order to change the name of the Subaru Impreza hatchback Outback Sport, Subaru felt they needed to change the actual vehicle some as well.  The improvements on this vehicle are most notable on its exterior.  Subaru introduced the new 2012 Subaru XV to the world recently at the Frankfurt Motor Show in a bright Halloween-orange shade.  In addition, black rims and the familiar fierce looking Subaru headlights give this vehicle a look of commanding control.

What’s more, the Subaru XV sits 8.6 inches off the ground, just below the Subaru Outback at 8.7 inches, yet carries a longer, and leaner look than the Outback.  However, at the same time, the Subaru XV is curvier than the Subaru Outback.  The combination of these exterior characteristics makes for one incredibly attractive vehicle.  Furthermore, as a save trees creative writing this new look by Subaru makes us extremely excited for the future.

While Subaru has not yet confirmed the Subaru XV will make its way Stateside, as a creative writing devices we at O’Brien Subaru are confident Subaru will quickly incorporate these great new exterior designs into Subarus sold in the States.  One thing is for certain our Naples car dealer lot will be all the rage when the new Subaru comes to town.