, along with all of Subaru of America, Inc. truly live what they preach.  Subaru creates vehicles that assist drivers in living active, outdoor lifestyles.  For example, Subaru vehicles are all-wheel-drive so they can tackle tough off road drives.  They also have unique features that help drivers carry bikes, camping gear and other outdoor accessories.  Another but certainly not the last feature that makes Subarus the perfect outdoors vehicle is the materials used that help keep the dirt and mud collected outdoors from permanently finding a home inside the vehicle.  However, despite all of these features that assert Subaru as the number one vehicle companion for outdoor adventures, Subaru of America, Inc. felt the urge to do more.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that Subaru has partnered with MESP, Inc. as the officially sponsors of the Merrell Down and Dirty National Mud Run Series.  This series consists of 5k and 10k races held in nine cities across America, but the races are more than just your average road race.  Instead, the 5k and 10k courses are mapped through muddy ground and include military style obstacles.

“Subaru and MESP, Inc. share the same drive and passion for outdoor activities,” states Michael Epstein, president of MESP, Inc., which is a marketing and PR firm specializing in outdoor lifestyles and adventures.  “The partnership will be a perfect fit because of their unique identity with active lifestyle consumers and their willingness to help this unique consumer achieve their thirst for fun, fitness, friendship and adventure.”

The closest mud run to your local Naples Subaru dealer, O’Brien Fort Myers Subaru will be held in Miami on May 1st.  To learn more about the event or better yet, to sign up, visit this website –  Who knows, you might even see your favorite sales associate from your local Naples car dealer getting down and dirty in the mud.  One things for certain, however – if you do spot your favorite sales associate from your local Naples car dealer, he or she will be sure to drive away from the muddy event in the best vehicle companion for outdoor adventures – a Subaru.