Naples Subaru dealer and other businesses serving as a Naples car dealer are keeping their eye on happenings in France.  The European Union country will soon set in motion some progressive vehicle regulations in eleven of its largest cities in an effort to meet stricter EU regulations, as well as clean up the air quality of these major population centers.

A test pilot program could be set in motion as early as next year in some French cities.  Regulations would include all vehicles, even motorcycles, vans and heavy trucks.  The only vehicles that would be immune to the new rules would be public service vehicles like police cars, ambulances and fire trucks.  The regulations would require vehicles to meet stricter emissions tests and would also simply restrict drive time for certain vehicles known to be bigger polluters.  For example, commercial trucking may only be given access to the roads during certain hours of the day.  Also, the suggested program even goes so far as to say some vehicles made before 1997 would be banned.

The main goals of such regulations are both to reduce tiny particles that are extremely unhealthy for humans to breath in on a daily basis, as well as to reduce the effects of carbon dioxide, which is the most potent greenhouse gas affecting our environment.  Cities that have already implemented such measures have found significant reductions in particulate matter in the air.  Such improvements overtime will mean lower rates of disease such as cancer and ultimately lower levels of premature death, not to mention the benefits to the earth.

The importance of such laws should be abundantly obvious.  Still, the dynamics of America’s politics are much different than those in Europe.  In addition, European countries are facing overpopulation issues and have much smaller allotments of land than we do in the States, therefore stressing the issue more quickly than in America.

However, as a Naples car dealer, it is a safe bet that even vehicles sold in the United States will be, sooner than later, produced with such regulations in mind, and those vehicles will no doubt quickly make their way to Naples.  Subaru dealer, O’Brien Fort Myers Subaru, thus, will be your go to car dealer when the time is right!