A more efficient Subaru Forester will be found on local Naples Subaru dealer lots this year thanks to a redesigned engine.  The 2011 Subaru Forester is currently the only Subaru vehicle to sport the new engine, but rumors are circulating that other Subaru vehicles will get the upgrade by the end of the year as well.  The engine upgrade, in combination with all the changes Subaru has made to its vehicles recently, is paying off; the company has sold over 21% more vehicles in the last calendar year than they did in 2009.

The engine is called the FB.  A version of the FB been around your local Naples car dealer for some time now as the newest model is the third generation of this engine.  On paper, the third generation FB engine seems to be exactly what it has always been.  It is still a 2.5-liter engine and it still provides drivers with 170 horsepower, as it always has.  However, the engine, and in return the vehicle, is more fuel-efficient thanks to a few key changes made in the manufacturing of the FB.  Lighter pistons and connecting rods have lead to less friction produced between the parts of the engine, measured quantitatively it is a reduction of friction of 28 percent.

This reduction in friction accounts for the more fuel-efficient properties of the 2011 Subaru Forester.  The vehicle gains 1 mile per gallon fuel efficiency over its older predecessors, bringing the total to 21 miles per gallon during city driving and 27 miles per gallon on the highway.  Considering that the Subaru Forester is a decently sized crossover, these numbers are really quite impressive.  Subaru promises an even larger overhaul of change in the near future to models found at your local Naples Subaru Dealer, including the Forester as well as some of their other more popular models.

In the past year, Subaru has focused intently on improving the entertainment features and comfort of their interiors, including the addition of a Garmin Navigation System to several of its vehicles.  Subaru’s efforts to improve the creature comforts that their extremely capable vehicles offer make these rugged off-roading vehicles appealing to both the outdoorsman and the city slicker.  With improvements both inside the vehicle and underneath the hood, it would be no surprise at all to see Subaru sell 21% more vehicles in 2011 than the company did in 2010.  To experience these changes for yourself, visit your local Naples car dealer located in nearby Fort Myers, O’Brien Fort Myers Subaru.